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Business presence is never easy to build, especially in  Middle-Eastern markets. It may take time with a steep learning curve, attendant risks and undesired costs. Mitigating this risk is our value, assuring a facilitated multi-country market entry through our capabilities and country spread.

Market entry requires understanding local practice - the legalities, local norms and customs, etc. We are a well trodden path to these markets, be it funding or partnership and distribution.

A client-client relationship exists between us and our principals and partners, making their business experience and success worthwhile. We have the financial and infrastructure depth for developing partnerships around large and complex projects, involving several countries and teams.

Whether product distribution, project roll-outs, application support, outsourcing of technical services, software development, man-power skills training or product management, YBM is a trustworthy business partner with interest in win-win projects.

Long standing multi-country relationships with major principles such as IBM, Microsoft, HP, Cisco, Apple, Oracle and others are clear testimony to YBMs approach to, and regard for win-win partnerships.

Partner with YBM
As a group, we are extremely keen to explore new and exciting business opportunities with prospective partners. We welcome discussions about how we together can open new markets, lower costs, increase profits and develop product lines by combining our mutual strengths and intellectual property.